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The elements of promotion include many types of campaigns like advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, and publicity or public relations and last but not the least personal selling. Promotional strategy has to be changed at each stage in the product life cycle for achieving better sales of the product. The main purpose of a promotional strategy is to increase the demand for the product in comparison to its competitors.

The next objective of promotional strategy is to form a very tactful direct sales team so that when customers walk in directly they are taken care of in a befitting manner.

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Direct sales are very important for stabilizing sales in Canada for Botox. Advertisements are one of the best means of promotions. But considering the peculiar nature and high prospect of the product, the company has to evolve innovative promotional avenues, including social networking on high profile portals, to enhance the sales volume. Video, Audio and print mediums also serve as the best promotional materials. Promotional materials with very capturing captions like. Magazines like People, Vogue and In Style serve as good advertising mediums for a product of this nature.

The models used for the purpose of ads should be prominent personalities from Hollywood so that the customers can easily identify with them and are immediately drawn towards the product.

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Moreover, celebrity endorsement will definitely hep even in attracting people who may not even require the product. Marketing Mix — Place The targeted market taken for this analysis is Canada, which in terms of cultural and economical factors is a suitable market for the product.

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The target audience is direct customers as well as indirect customers. Indirect customers are the customers who come from direct customers. Doctors, physicians, actors and beauticians etc are the customers who occupy a prominent place in Canada.

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Canada has a potential market for Botox and there are more than seven million women users of the product. Therefore, Canada is an extremely safe bet for promoting this product.

The New York Times calls the book "the first authorized biography of botulinum toxin," and it details the various applications of the paralyzing molecule, including, for some people, relief from migraines and the spasticity associated with certain neurological conditions. But Finzi's most compelling argument focuses on Botox's potency as a depression fighter. It's a modern application of the facial feedback hypothesis, which dates to Darwin, William James and earlier thinkers, and postulates that our facial expressions do not just reflect and convey our emotions; they also create emotions inside of us.

We smile when we are happy, but smiling also makes us happy. Similarly, frowning generates negative feelings. As explained in a Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology essay , "muscular manipulations that result in more positive facial expressions may lead to more positive emotional states in affected individuals.

While the treatment does hamper smiles somewhat, it reduces frowns much more. This "net change in facial expression" may have the effect of "reducing the internal experience of negative emotions, thus making patients feel less angry, sad and fearful. Some researchers believe the effect of Botox on the corrugator may also limit activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain that regulates such emotions as fear and anxiety, leading to greater positive emotions.

Of course, you don't necessarily need to use Botox to generate this effect. You could just smile more. In a study recently published in the journal Psychological Science , University of Kansas researchers asked groups of people to hold chopsticks in their mouths a certain way after performing stress-inducing tasks. The group asked to hold the chopsticks in a way that unknowingly formed a smile on their face had a steeper decline in heart rate and a faster physiological stress recovery than the others, co-author Sarah Pressman explained to The Wall Street Journal.

First, it is still primarily women who seek out cosmetics and cosmetic procedures. Second, beauty is still understood as a process of ongoing work and maintenance.

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Procedures like Botox can be used pre-emptively to ward off wrinkles and sagging, but it requires continuous usage over time to maintain its effects. Third, and most importantly, the gendering of cosmetic use means that women are most affected by dangerous products and procedures. Several centuries of lax attitudes toward the composition of cosmetics and now non-invasive cosmetic procedures add up to not only a collection of macabre or grotesque stories.

From lead-filled Bloom of Youth to cosmetic fillers being delivered under questionable conditions, the history of dangerous cosmetics shows us the harms that women have suffered to meet expectations of what is beautiful. Polly Curtis on the future of journalism — Dundee, Dundee City. Do editors pander to audiences more than they should?

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Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Beauty is still understood as a process of ongoing work and maintenance. Michelle Smith , Deakin University.

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Further reading: Safety before profits: why cosmetic surgery is ripe for regulation Even the most common beauty products still have potential risks associated with them. Further reading: High amount of toxic metals in some cosmetics A dark history The serious regulation of patent medicines and cosmetics did not occur until the 20th century.

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