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Searching for the best way to highlight part of your posts content in a feature box? If you add the CSS inline, within a single post, then you need to add the full code every time you want to create a feature box to highlight sections of your content in future posts. The advantage of using the Thesis custom. Otherwise your custom code will be overwritten and lost when you update.

Alert: Always create a backup of the file you are editing before you start making changes to it. If you make a mistake simply delete the file and upload the backup to start again.

Thanks for the heads up on the sidebar. I will be working on a complete redux for Thesis 2 after the first of the year. The course will change considerably.

How to Add Custom Backgrounds

Do you anticipate completing Lessons 7, 8, 10, 11, 13 and 15 for those of us still using Thesis 1. Also, when can we expect the full Thesis 2 course? Will it be released lesson-by-lesson or all at once? Thanks, Rick!

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Alex, The remaining lessons for 1. However, all of the material that they will cover is already taught elsewhere on the site.

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The Customize Thesis 2 like a Pro course will be substantially revamped, will certainly be taught live — thus lessons will be available week by week. Rick i am currently doing this course, i only have Thesis 2, i cannot find a custom-sample folder. What is happening?

How to Edit CSS of the Thesis Theme for WordPress - Part 1

I am wondering, will these early incarnations of hooks be implemented into the Thesis dashboard as a drag and drop? I ask because while it seems simple, I am the guy still trying to get his arms around html, so it should go without saying that I am no coder. Which brings me back to the Thesis conceptual selling point, less coding.

Amik, there is almost never any need for custom php code in Thesis 2.

Which means there is virtually no need for the hooks. However various skins do provide hooks in various places that do allow a certain amount of drag and drop.

This course is for Thesis 1. Scott — If you are going to stay with Thesis 1. It is the only version of Thesis 1. Otherwise — go modern and use Thesis 2.

Skin CSS nor Custom CSS will save after Thesis and Skin update. — Themedy Support

There is another version of the class that works with it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Does Thesis 2. How does a Plugin Differ from Custom Code? How to Create a Landing Page in Thesis.