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She likes the clothes but she is embarrassed with them her knowledge to the birth place, which she left as a baby, comes to her only through old photographs and newspapers reports. She grew up in Glasgow and now she lives in the outskirts of Mumbai, India known as Dharvi where she works as a film maker. Dharvi is an unofficial area where millions of migrants have gathered.

'Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan' by Moniza Alvi (analysis)

Dharvi is place where there is shortage of water. It is about water, which is precious commodity to the local people of Dharvi. In the poem the water pie bursts and all the adults, old people rush out in the water to collect the precious commodity in any container they can get whilst the children play in the water. The first stanza is the longest because the port is describing her clothes from Pakistan.

She is intrigues in the clothes. The port uses enjambment to speed the poem up.

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There are traces of alliteration throughout the poem. The effect that alliteration as on the poem is that it creates the tone within the poem. Similarly this poem is also written in free verse to create the same effect in some parts of the poem. She also uses enjambment and there is lack of caesuras which mimics the bursting of the pipe as well as the chaos. The effect that the caesura have on the poem is that they make the poem flow at a fast pace.

Enjambment is also used speed the poem just like the water. This is called literal image.

Moniza Alvi - Intro

However, Moniza Alvi uses more devices in order to make the description more vivid. This kind of imagery is called figurative. The effect that these devices have is that they help make an image in the readers head. Next there is aural imagery which is created through words which Moniza Alvi often makes use of images that is created through sounds. For example: onomatopoeia. The poet here just tells us that how did it sound like when the glass bangle broke to make a aural image in the reader head and she uses onomatopoeia to create a sense of the sound.

The rhythm of the poem is very smooth.

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  7. Imtiaz Dharker uses simile in the first line of the first stanza to create the effect of emphasizing how skin cracks when there is a lack of water and the pain that we go through when the. She use a metaphor to get the same effect of a simile but for a personification instead of saying water rashes to the ground she uses sliver because she is describing water as a big possession, money or currency.

    Moniza Alvi and Presents From My Aunts in Pakistan

    In other words water is like precious commodity to the local people of Dharvi. Imtiaz Dharker describes the water in religious terms as it is voice of God to them. The effect that this personification has on the poem is that the sense that the water is a living thing, therefore giving it a feeling of life. When the pipe bursts and water shoots out, the people become excited and rush out to the pipe to collect water in anything they can find.

    The children meanwhile are delighted at the unexpected shower.

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    The poet has sympathy with these people, understanding their plights and starting simply. This is effective as it helps to give that part of the poem a regular rhythm. It also helps to emphasise the fact that all parts of his body are angered at the state of District Six.

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    The poet does not use any rhyme in the poem. I think that this is because using rhyme would lower the tone of the poem losing the important message that the poet is trying to get across. There is quite a lot of onomatopoeic language in the poem. Words like flaring, bomb and crunch help to keep the highly emotional nature of the poem. The poet uses lots of commas in the poem.

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    This is so that he can control the speed and rhythm of the poem. The use of language by the poet also influences the poems mood. This shows how she feels alienated from both cultures and how she longs to be either English or Pakistani but not both. The main mood is one of anger and injustice at the fact that nothing has changed and apartheid lives on in District Six as in much of South Africa. Families such as Moniza Alvis have to struggle to reach England and when they arrive they are met with the huge culture clash between the English and Pakistani traditions and ways of life.

    It teaches us how the decades of apartheid have left a lasting impression on the white and black populations of South Africa. The whites have got used to the advantages to them of apartheid while the black population has become used to being persecuted and segregated just because of their skin colour. It has taught me how we have to learn more about the Pakistani and other cultures instead of living in ignorance. I believe that this is one reason that we study R. It shows the anger and resentment that black people feel towards whites in an apartheid regime.

    Identity and Culture in Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan

    It shows the reader how much of a struggle it is for blacks to receive equal rights in South Africa from the white population. The two poems show the problems in different ways. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. Get Access.

    Moniza Alvi

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