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Analysis of the Yellow Wallpaper and Story of an Hour

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Adam, Ashleigh, Esteban and Nigel 2. She talks about the true nature of things and her life as a wife.

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She also describes the wallpaper and designs. Irony is present even in the other characters in this short story. This treatment only allows the narrator to sit around, think, and obsess it eventually just causes her to become more anxious and leads her mind further towards madness.

When Mrs. This is considered a normal reaction to hearing that a loved one has passed away.

But after Louise confines herself in her room, she has a different reaction to the loss of her husband. Instead of being saddened and depressed, she becomes relieved and joyful as she realizes she is now free. Body and soul free! This implies that Mrs. Mallard was so happily startled and excited to see that her husband was actually alive, that she ended up having heart failure. Because of her earlier reaction when she was alone, readers can infer it is more likely the loss of joy and her freedom that killed Louise.

She implies that she cannot argue with her husband about her condition because of this fact, even if she disagrees with him and his assessment of her apparent illness. The repetition marks the importance of this statement and suggests that the narrator does not have the freedom to make her own decisions; that John is the controlling and deciding factor in their relationship.

The narrator believes that congenial work would do her good and that writing is a relief for her troubled mind, but John forbids both. Instead he confines his wife to a room with barred windows and hideous yellow wallpaper, does not allow her to exert herself physically or mentally, and prevents her from seeing her friends and family. Her oppression has ended and she now has the liberty to do what she pleases.

Instead of dreading living a long and repressed life with her husband, she is happy with the realization that her life will be long and full of independence. Her husband had control over her 'soul and body';.

Analysis of the Yellow Wallpaper and Story of an Hour | Major Tests

She felt that he lived her life for her and did 'not believe that anyone had the right to impose a private will on a fellow creature'; Chopin This control caused both women so long for freedom from their husbands' oppressive behavior. In 'The Yellow Wallpaper'; it seems that the narrator wants to drive away her husband. She explains, 'John is away all day, and even some nights when his cases are serious. I'm glad my case isn't serious'; Gilman ! This quote demonstrates that she's happy to watch her husband away so that she could be left alone to do as she pleases without interference by her husband.

She is frequently rebelling against her husband's orders.

The Story Of An Hour, And The Yellow Wallpaper, By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

She writes in her journal and tries to move her bed whenever there's nobody about to visit her. But she always watch out for somebody coming. The intense desire for freedom is even more obvious in 'The Story of an Hour. Mallard's craving for freed